Atiya – All children need positive role models, especially successful women who look like them. You are more than a teacher – you are mentor, a role model, a parent, a nurse, a social worker, etc. Thanks for what you are trying to do for our students.

Avé Altersitz Gloucester County Executive County Superintendent

The advice that Atiya Johnson has given me has been a breath of fresh air in the season that I’m in. She is transparent, humble, and caring and when she talks to you she wants to make sure that you are going in the right direction to be successful in what ever you do. She gives her time and knowledge to make sure are held accountable to finish through. I’m thankful to God for allowing us to meet each other because he knew I needed a person like her in my life.

A. Moore

Atiya’s advice literally helped and pushed me to start my business that I had been delaying for about a year. She helped me get my ideas out of my head onto paper and really helped me set things in motion for my current business. Any questions I had she was always available to answer and guide me through. I am forever grateful for her help and business/Product expertise

C. Harris